Helicopter charter for yacht in Italy

Helicopter charter for Yacht

Charter a luxury helicopter for yacht in Italy!
We gives you the opportunity to live two differents experiences in one magic moment.

For luxurious and comfortable life lovers, the new combination between sky and sea becomes true!

Italy is on of the chicest luxury yacht charter destinations in the world, in Sardinia, Sicily or near Naples, Positano, Amalfi and Capri. Take a ride on our “flying tender” and join a luxury yacht saving your time! Thanks to the Helicopter Off-Shore Operation Certification (HOFO), Class One Group is able to fly over the most prestigious yachts.

Transfers only

Do you have the yacht in Italy but you arrive by plane in one of the main Italian airports? Class One also organises only the transfer from the airport to the yacht or vice versa.

Helicopter experiences from the yacht

Are you near the Italian coast and want to try unique experiences? Class One has just the thing for you! And if you don't want to move, the experiences that have the possibility to be moved, we will do them on board your yacht

Buy a package of hours

Are you on a cruise in Italy and would like to have a helicopter available for your entire stopover in Italy? We'll save you money by directly purchasing a pre-arranged package of hours with no surprises.

Why us?

We are not just an operator in this sector, we are the ones who select the right helicopters and pilots for each customer’s individual needs. This way the customer saves a lot of time in research and is guaranteed to have the best service available in Italy.

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