Chauffeur Service

 At challenging times sometimes starting from scratch may be the right time to improve. Today, since probably these two bands of hospitality  will start from scratch we want to give our support to start again in the best way and doing our part to maximise the service offered by the structures.( We are a unique structure for the customer) 

Those who work in this sector know very well that with customers there is no second chance to make a good first impression and they also know that the opportunity for the first impression is at the airport/port or station. That is the moment where the customer makes a first impression of the service offered by the structure, now we do not promise miracles but we can say with certainty that working together we can give another view of you to the customer. 

The chauffeurs offered by Class One Agency for the rental service with driver have been carefully selected in recent years based on the characteristics that make drivers worthy of being called chauffeurs. (Drivers are those who move something from point A to point B - With all due respect to drivers who transport things)

So if in your opinion your customers are "one thing" you continue to use drivers, if for you the customers are precious and unique it is right to offer them a unique experience for their travel with the NCC service.

What we offer is: 

H24 assistance 7 days a week(You will have one person from our team totally dedicated to you) 

Cars with maximum 2 years of seniority 

Chauffeur Service and selected hostesses (presence - languages - customer attitude)

Water and Wifi on board the cars

Cleaning wipes 

Choice of chauffeur clothing 

Possibilità di chauffeur con berretto e guanti bianchi  

Ethics, honesty and collaboration (especially in difficult times) 

It's not over yet, thanks to our Five Stars Experiences brand you will have the chance to create unforgettable experiences for your customers with the certainty of their satisfaction.

"Let's go back to valuing people." 

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