If you appreciate the safety,If you appreciate security, confidentiality and punctuality as we do, then Class One Agency has your Chauffeur service in Rome for business. . . . come noi, allora Class One Agency ha servizio NCC a Roma ideale per la tua azienda.

Protecting you and your sensitive information is criticalfrom corporate executives to film directors. We understand the need for discretion and even anonymity sometimes. The Chauffeur service NCC a Roma per aziende offered by Class One Agency is unique.

Doing what you have to do is your job. Doing it in comfort and style is ours.

Choose your Chauffeur in Rome

We realize that time in the field is limited in business travel situations, therefore, the back-end of our Roman company provides drivers with key notes and updates to consolidate local knowledge and prevailing conditions. Our team of drivers in Rome enjoys in-depth real-time knowledge and uses it wisely to your advantage.

But it's not just about navigating Rome's traffic...

Our team of drivers understands that you may not have had a chance to take the key documents (or that essential cup of coffee!) and will be happy to get you what you need.

If you are looking for a specific restaurant to close the deal, our team demonstrates an admirable knowledge of the area and is in an excellent location for recommendations.

Do you need a few minutes to visit the city? Have your VIPs decided they're in the mood for some homemade ice cream?

Demanding business travelers often need to combine guided tours and entertainment with mergers and board meetings, which is why our high levels of service allow you to do what you need to do, knowing that we take care of everything else. Your driver will be waiting for you in case you need to be taken from one appointment to another and make an appointment for lunch.

Private Driver in Rome

Reliability and discretion Class One drivers are assessed at many stages to meet our high recruitment standards. Ongoing assessments are a matter of fact. Our priority is confidentiality and discretion because your privacy for phone calls must be guaranteed.

Executive luxury vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi to facilitate the sending of vital emails or communication during transport.

Of course, reliability is crucial, and to this end, we strive to anticipate every eventuality. Ours chauffeur services in Rome are of the same caliber as the Concierge fraternity.except for the fact that our team of driver autisti is also brilliant behind the wheel of luxury car!

Your driver has been selected for his personal aptitudes and then trained to high standards, not least the quality of discretion.

Business Class

The right vehicle for business travellers
3 Passengers 3/4 Luggage

Business Class

Comfort and luxury on a large scale
7 Passengers 6/7 Luggage

Luxury Class

A luxury limousine with advanced technologies
3 Passengers 3/4 Luggage

Luxury Class

The best of Range Rovers
3 Passengers 3/4 Luggage

Elite Class

Status and modern features
2 Passengers 3/4 Luggage

Elite Class

The most suitable means for VIPs and personalities
2 Passengers 2 Luggage

In conclusion
In short, Class One is an obvious choice if you are looking for excellent NCC service for your company.

With a back office team of superheroes, the best of driver production and a range of elite vehicles, we know you’ll never need to go anywhere else. And if so, we'll take you.

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