Yacht security services

Protect you both at sea and on land

Whether you are a yacht owner or charter user, yachts of all sizes are often targeted off the coast of most favourite ports in the world.

The modus operandi of modern "Pirates" does not differ much from their historical ancestors, which includes: kidnapping and ransom and theft of ships or cargoes. Attacks on the crew and those on board are common, and almost all Pirate attacks include extreme violence.

Our Yacht Security Services is customized to meet the needs of our clients, aware that space in the cabin and on board ships is not uncommon for a team to be composed of one or two operators on board, supported by a shore-based team that facilitates disembarkation for shore excursions.

Services on the ground run parallel to your group's activities, ensuring that logistics run smoothly, such as transport, is where it should be. And of course, ensuring that the reconnaissance of locations is carried out before your arrival.

As with all our Close Protection Services in Italy, we are able to offer the following services to support you:

24/7 management support
Protection teams on board ships and ashore

Often the areas where the Pirates operate cannot be easily avoided, even in transit. Ship owners have a duty to protect their crew and the protection of the ship can lead to a lowering of insurance premiums which will give you a chance to take some care when you are on the ship in high risk waters.

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